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You never stop gaining my respect for your consistent attention to detail, dedication to high production values, quality writing, and understanding of interesting gameplay. Please don't stop doing what you do.

Now get off your ass, I need that report on my desk by Monday!

ShadowWhoWalks responds:

Before we get to that let's shake hands

Frozen Synapse with a puzzle/speedrunning element thrown in. Very cleverly and tightly designed. My only complaint was that controls were a little floaty and it is difficult to understand what target the homing rocket is going for sometimes.

Oh my. Good music, great art and animation, slick and responsive gameplay, engaging story, endearing characters... You guys clearly know what you're doing.

I have to voice some criticisms. While I appreciate the low amount of hand-holding in the tutorial, there were some times when I wish things had been made clearer (the blocks you can only smash from one side particularly confused me). I also hope you will seperate the buttons used for dash and block, as I found myself often doing one when I wanted the other. I'd also suggest that you get a script editor. While the writing itself is excellent, there were often grammar errors and awkward word choices that could be easily ironed out.

I want you to know that this short demo has me immediately sold. I was glued to my screen from beginning to end. You most certainly have my support for seeing this become a reality!

The game has nice graphics and is quite polished, but the writing is boring, the setting and story is the worst kind of generic, and the combat, while somewhat satisfying, is not deep or well designed. Add the horribly pointless microtransactions, and you get a game that is quality, but soulless.

It's formatted extremely similarly to Cookie Clicker, but I think there's enough of a different theme here to still make it interesting. What I would have liked is for you to have gone further with the theme, letting us pick from different annoying ads to place on the website and to read comments and such complaining about them.

HThomson responds:

As with a lot of idle games I found the initial inspiration after playing too much Cookie Clicker which is why the format is pretty similar.

I quite like the idea of selecting your own ads that option hadn't occurred to me. I'll try to add it in the next update along with some other customization options.

For shame, there's no way to hack the game to alter the number of dogs. Also, I get the feeling you downgraded the graphics for PC.

Aprime responds:

I had to downgrade graphics for PC because I wanted it to work on lots of users computers. Not everyone has a gaming PC. Soz

Is it silly that I made this into an impromptu rhythm game? Ugh, I feel dirty for liking this. Especially because your other work is pretty interesting.

I love the concept, but in execution it's pretty boring gameplay-wise and it's difficult to focus on the story you're trying to deliver when the text is soooo tiny. I know there's great potential here.

It doesn't open.

It's a nice and solid bullet hell, and it's got some good style. Each boss is quite unique, well animated, and comes with its own clever gimmick. However, it felt quite grindy fighting the same bosses repeatedly to get enough money for the very linear and very powerful upgrades. I'm very skeptical about the upgrade system. With enough upgrades you can practically stand in the same place and easily shred through several bosses. The upgrades actually make the game LESS interesting, which is not what one would want, I would think. The sound assets aren't very impressive, especially the wimpy clinking noise your bullets make when they hit the bosses. The music, though is quite fun and fitting. All in all, I can say it's a very OK game. Nothing wrong with it, but not amazing.

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