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It works, I guess. Somewhat interesting, but nothing really compels me to play very far.

yurgenburgen responds:

if you get one million points there is a special prize at the end

You wasted some decent artist's time making this janky reskin of a bad game.

Short, intuitive, and well executed. The moment it started feeling too difficult it was over. Well done.

Knives felt too strong, koopas turned too suddenly, and several haystacks felt rather useless. Regardless, the game felt smooth and responsive, and I found myself raring to give a level another try every time I died. Short, simple, and solid. Good job!

Between the constantly overlapping music tracks, the imprecise controls due to the scrolling camera, and the fact that the "retry" button takes you to the damn level select screen instead of the beginning of the level, my few minutes with this game was extremely awful.

casltegames responds:

go play something where brains are blowed off and blood is everywhere, make me that favor

Well it's functional. That's more than could be said for most games here. Would have liked to be able to stop the victory music by returning to the main menu.

Very generic and lifeless. Way too easy, no interesting context, annoying music loop, and shows you all it has to offer within the first 2 minutes. Only thing to say is that it controls fine.

Yet another beautiful and immersive point and click game by Scriptwelder. The puzzles felt challenging but were pretty intuitive. There was very little pixel hunting to do. There were few too many red herrings for my taste; I wish I could have at least attempted to put something I brewed up onto my pancakes. Very great work anyways!

Biggest frustration with the game was not being able to tell what was wall and what was shadow, as well as where Juan was inside the shadow. Second biggest frustration was how imprecise the controls were, with Juan sliding like an ice skating pro and throwing rocks in incredibly unreliable ways. The repetitive music loop didn't help much either.

What's left after that is a basic stealth game with a bunch of mechanics thrown together that don't really interact in particularly interesting ways; half of which don't need to be used to complete a level. It feels like you got a lighting engine and a pathfinding engine, put them together and didn't think about how to design a really solid game around them. It took talent to put this together, but it needs a lot of work before it can be a particularly good game.

Difficulty pacing is fucked up, no way to get past ~11 seconds, you can at least get a fuckin replay button to work withing 30 minutes, 0/10 IGN

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