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Would like an option to just double click the arrows to add them to the queue, dragging them over every time is fiddly and unnecessary. There are keyboard shortcuts but they need better explanation; it took me a while to figure out I needed to press space to select a track even when there was only one available. It would be great to be able to go to the next level by keyboard as well. Also the children cheering is really annoying to hear repeatedly as well. The game itself is decent. Took until level 20 to get difficult; would recommend separating levels by difficulty.

These are actually really nice assets and a really smooth port. Which makes me even more confused why you're wasting time and talent on this godawful game.

Well, you tried. A little.

I don't really get it, honestly. You made new art assets and came up with some decent working tower defense mechanics (though the towers don't prioritize targets properly). Then why trace over and copy Kingdom Rush's map layouts? They don't fit your game's design, or any design that doesn't use melee units. They don't fit the way your game is balanced. They only make people quickly compare your game to a much better designed and polished game, and make them realize that they should probably be playing that game instead of yours. If you care at all about succeeding, don't half-ass things in the future.

It works, I guess. Somewhat interesting, but nothing really compels me to play very far.

yurgenburgen responds:

if you get one million points there is a special prize at the end

You wasted some decent artist's time making this janky reskin of a bad game.

Short, intuitive, and well executed. The moment it started feeling too difficult it was over. Well done.

is the joke supposed to be that it just lets you win most of the time?

Knives felt too strong, koopas turned too suddenly, and several haystacks felt rather useless. Regardless, the game felt smooth and responsive, and I found myself raring to give a level another try every time I died. Short, simple, and solid. Good job!

Between the constantly overlapping music tracks, the imprecise controls due to the scrolling camera, and the fact that the "retry" button takes you to the damn level select screen instead of the beginning of the level, my few minutes with this game was extremely awful.

casltegames responds:

go play something where brains are blowed off and blood is everywhere, make me that favor

Having to reload the game every playthrough was what really killed it for me. Otherwise a barely passable platformer.

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