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I don't know enough about Elder Scrolls lore to get the references, but there's no denying it's an amazing animation.

Sleek animation, interesting plot, amazing voice acting. I sincerely hope you guys all see this through to the end.


You know you're badass when your optimal battle position is BETWEEN two groups of enemies.

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Slick presentation and a satisfyingly functional fighting system. However there's are some significant flaws that make the fighting system much less complex and enjoyable than it could have been. You understand some cool mechanics that make fighting games interesting, like guardbreaks and hyper armor, but you threw other mechanics in there that make them essentially pointless. The biggest offender in this regard is the dodge. The dodge in my opinion robs the potential from this fighting system because it's the absolute optimal defense to just dodge every attack. Blocking is useless without a shield because the user loses more stamina than the attacker AND it can be guard broken. Why block when you can simply dodge through the attack spending only a hair of stamina? The only attack in this game that is difficult to dodge is the dual wielded combo, which is part of why it's the most powerful weapon class. On top of that, the dodge can get you behind the enemy, which lets you potentially completely avoid even more damage. The two handed weapons are incredibly satisfying, but the only reason one can land a hit is because the AI lets the user trade hits with them. You just have to fight a two-handed weapon using enemy in the game to realize that the only reason you should ever be hit by one is missing a dodge.

To a lesser degree, the finishing move is also pretty disappointing because
1) the small health pools of the enemies means that you'll often kill them before having a chance to use it.
2) It gains charge off of hitting a blocking enemy (another reason not to block)
3) It's completely uncounterable except for one option which is -- you guessed it -- the dodge.
In my opinion the finishing move would be a lot more interesting if you were able to charge it faster by blocking or dodging. That way it could be used as an equalizer rather than a way to win more than you already are. This is how it works in most fighting games. I figure it's the way it is now because you'd like to discourage turtling, but that can be done by making turtling more difficult to do than dodging a bunch.

Once I found all these issues with the fighting, it left me with not much reason to keep playing the game. The unlocks are (as far as I can tell) random, which really made me feel restricted when I had to wait for a random drop or character spawn just to try other weapons. There's no story motivating me to progress. In fact there's NOTHING motivating me to progress. With no indication of what I need to do or how far I am to unlocking the second adventure there's nothing to do but grind One Day and Survival for unlocks that don't feel like they make a significant difference in gameplay.

Just know that I only have so many criticisms because I see so much potential in this game. My time with it was still quite enjoyable, and I wait excitedly for what you have in store next!

ExtinctionGames responds:

I really appreciate this. You've put forward some of the best ideas I've heard from the comments section so far. So thank you for this.

It's been an absolute joy seeing the Armed with Wings series get sooo smooth and refined over the years. You deserve all the attention and accolades possible for such dedicated and high quality work.

It's decently polished, but a lot of things are missing that were the factors that made Punch-Out great mainly the very distinct clarity regarding whether an opponent can be hit or not, clarity on whether you can keep attacking or not, and even the fact that blocking or dodging locks you out of other actions. Honestly though, the original Tyson fight is pretty BS as well, so it's not like you aren't being faithful. Also it's a minor gripe but not including the TKO system is a really a big oversight.

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